When I reached to the side table expecting a-day-old water bottle under my bed, instead a new unopened one was waiting for. Huh? I didn’t bring it here last night as far as I remember.
I’m happy now.
A tiny bit of tingling, but solid feeling of happiness came upon me now.
I know I’m taken care of by someone now.
Just coincidently could that be, but I just finished reading an article on NYT about the British Prime Minister who set up a plan to gauge his people’s happiness. Hum.

I might be hungry now but I’m happy.



Though I don’t provide myself a dessert plate at this cold, rainy night, well, say assorted wild berries with custard sauce drizzled pairing with champange, I tell myself that hey, at least you can imagine the dish; beautiful color palette arranged on a refined china, white linen napkin, silver utensil underneath waiting for your elegant gesture to open them up, oh yes, a nice breezing day should that be, Summer or Spring, that doesn’t matter and can’t you hear that Mozart piano conceto flowing from somewhere?…

Though I can’t have you, I can’t marry you and pair up in that castle and bring you a bunch of living, growing up disasters, what I’m saying is I know what I like and I clearly remember what color was that damn wild berry. Very vivid. Really. I can even tell you how it showed the seeds through the transparent Vermilion skin. Oh so young and so genteel.

C’est tout.
Love me as I am or leave me.

Ardennes, Belgium, a countryside castle inn

purple river
a peocock
ruins in abbeys

I feel like I have wasted my whole life by avoiding wandering around all those dreamy places.
And I’m sure I will never start my life at all until I begin the very journey.
I’m so small and I’m so important being.


there are too many people in this world.

Clearly I get hurt from this clear fact.

Why it hurts?
Because it’s a ugly fact. Even stinky.

But why,
yes, why I’m here, being one of them?

‘Mneme'(memory) forms me,
also it does deform me, then melt itself to the air,
finally it does ‘meme'(mutate, inherit) me.

There are just…too many of people.
And my memory lasts and will survive me after all.
In the form of painting.
Oh, sure. Didn’t know that?


And no regret I haven’t even started my own share like anybody.
In this ugly cramped city.
Because I’m not here for being a commoner.
If you can’t accept this, don’t have to like it, since I never asked you to like it and oh, yes, just leave me alone.

My new home!!!

How are you?

The colder, the hungrier.

Anyway, I saw an amazing news on LI News channel about a house where 80 of every kinds of animals resided in. What’s going on there? Is that kind of a new version of Noah’s Ark? They got rescued by ASPC and I saw a sheep being escorted by a milk bottle. It must have been real hungry. Poor things.

Hopefully I get better by tonight. I can’t believe I got a cold. Never do I catch a cold, it’s been almost 10 years since the last time I suffered.

I miss Arizona’s Sun.